Welcome to the virtual home of Moriah L. Purdy. Here is for a lot of things. Here is a point from which I axis.

I see my interests as a poet and researcher converging at the nexus of rhetorical genre studies, textual studies, affect theory, and poetics. As a poet I’m invested in visual, procedural, constrained, eco-, and appropriative projects of inquiry derived from attentive and optimistic interactions with others’ texts. This investment carries over to my research as I look at other (aesthetic and non-aesthetic) procedures of encounter designed and executed by reader/writers to structure and organize one’s relationship to existing texts. Think procedural poetics, but also, retweets. The engagement is a situation of reading, but it is also a situation of invention. I mean this both in the sense of the design of the procedure and in generating output through enacting the procedure. Right now I’m focusing on the genre of commonplace log, but I’ve also looked at authored procedures in erasure poetics as a program of reading, and at gestural exchanges between a YouTube content creator and her viewers. Given that my interests are best served by looking at networks of circulation and use, digital arenas have and will continue to be particularly exciting sites for my research.

Many thoughts begin here at the blog and go off to be better articulated elsewhere, particularly in my classroom(s), in poems, and in conference presentations… (see teaching.things and poem.things), and in the ongoing work toward my dissertation. Since starting my PhD studies I have been woefully short on time for general blogging because I’ve been happily working through substantial reading, thinking, and writing in my coursework. As such, things are a bit in transition here, as I’m moving the site from a primarily blog-feel to a website-with-blog-component-feel. Revision, as always, is ongoing.

Please see my curriculum vitae and the other site pages for more things, or feel free to contact me.

                  ***DISCLAIMER: Most blog entry titles are derived from definitions via The Oxford English Dictionary.