fall (v): To descend freely (primarily by ‘weight’ or gravity): opposed to ‘rise’.

…also, to fall in love, and (n) the season after summer.

Next week is the DC-area literary festival Fall For the Book and there are lots of exciting things happening. The biggest highlight, for me, will be the reading with Ron Silliman and Rae Armantrout (Rae, by the way, is Phoebe’s next judge for the Greg Grummer Prize, submissions due this Spring). That will be Wednesday night at 8pm.

Of course I’m also thrilled to be more a part of the festival this year than just the behind-the-scenes volunteer (although, I’m doing that, too!)…

I get the extreme priviledge of hosting two Phoebe events. I’ll be moderating the Publishing in Local Journals panel (Thu, September 24, 12pm – 1pm  in the Johnson Center, Dewberry Hall South) which will include Reb Livingston of No Tell Motel, and Dave Housley from Barrelhouse… THEN I get the incredible priviledge of hosting the Phoebe sponsored reading (Thu, September 24, 1:30pm – 2:30pm Johnson Center, Dewberry Hall South) featuring previous editors Wade Fletcher and Shawn Flanagan as well as contributors Nancy Naomi Carlson and future contributor Theodora Danylevich.

Also, throughout the week is the Material World exhibit in the Johnson Center, Gallery 123 curated by Helen Frederick, Susan Tichy, and Danika Myers, which will feature book arts and visual poetry by so very many talented artists and poets. It’s particularly exciting because two pieces from a collaborative project I am working on with good friend and ceramic artist Stephanie Rozene will be exhibited in the show. The sets are from a larger project in process tentatively called “CONFLICT: An investigation of presidential china patterns”, which aims to explore the various conflicting ideals, paradoxes, and personas implicit in the very complex roles presidents and presidential wives play as host and hostess of the United States.

And I’m also so excited to help close out the week at the So To Speak-hosted Fellows reading (Sat, September 26, 6pm-7pm, Old Town Plaza, North Street Route 123), including my esteemed peers Rebecca McGill, Allyson Armistead, Priyanka Champaneri, and Hannah VanderHart. Now if only I knew what to read…

It’s going to be an exciting week… there are so many other events I have yet to mention, but with any luck I’ll get to blog through the week… so stay tuned!


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