Poem Things Online

Other Things Published/Exhibited

  • Comparative Darkness. Collaboration with visual artist Steven Skowron exhibited as a part of the Envisioning Otherness show, curated by Susan Tichy and Helen Frederick for Fall for the Book, Fairfax, VA, September 18-23rd, 2011.
  • Marginalia, Issue 5. “Shoreline Ruins,” from Here Now Myriads.
  • Simultaneous Contrast: Investigating Presidential China Patterns, A Purdy/Rozene Project. Collaborative project curated by Gail Brown entitled DIS Arming Domesticity at the Duke Gallery at The Community Arts Center in Wallingford, PA as a part of NCECA (National Council for the education of Ceramic Arts), March 7th through April 23rd, 2010. Most of the work can be seen at Stephanie’s website: http://blog.stephanierozene.com


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