flux (n): A continuous succession of changes of condition, composition or substance.

Oh hi, blog.

I write this first entry on the cusp of a lot of things… there are countless horizons I seem to be reaching toward, and many are shrouded in fog and very unclear and my depth perception is likely way off… but I like it. Stasis and stability and clarity are… well… boring. Things have to be in flux for me to feel as though I’m really getting anywhere good, and there is A LOT of flux in my life at the moment.

I plan to use this blog, in part, to navigate through this state of flux I’m in… and while there might be brilliant moments of clarity, I’ll warn you I might subject you to a lot of wandering considerations as well. I do, however, hope to point you in lots of directions to increase (in good ways, I hope) your sense of flux… for example, had I started this blog yesterday I would have informed you all about the American Hybrid reading at Bridge Street Books, which featured Cole Swensen, John Taggart, Rod Smith, and Mark McMorris. Hybrids are born in the midst (or are a certain presence of) flux… and this anthology disrupts more than it settles the state of things, which is, in part, why I enjoy it so much. I might also subject you to some things you don’t want or need or are entirely uninterested in, and for that I apologize in advance… if you spend a bit of time to comment or let me know what you DO like, I’ll try to take that into consideration.


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