Written Professional Communication

ENGCMP 400 – Written Professional Communication (Summer 2016)

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Course Description:

This course is centered around the analysis, rehearsal, and revision of writing for professional communicative situations. You will begin by researching a company and profession of interest to you, and will analyze the written media produced by that company, as well as how active participants find, secure, and professionalize careers in that field. Based on this research, you will develop a professional portfolio of materials as though applying to and hired into an aspirant career. Because professional communication in the digital age increasingly happens over social networks, students will also develop a professionally-oriented Twitter profile for content sharing with classmates and for reaching out to and interacting with individuals, professional organizations, and corporations associated with a career and/or intellectual areas of interest. In the second half of term we will enter into discussions regarding workplace ethics, from which you will develop a report and memo series pitching a company policy based on that issue. Students who engage in this work thoughtfully will obtain theoretical and practical knowledge of professional rhetoric that will be useful for future careers and beyond.

Sample Assignment Description: Report on an Issue of Professional Ethics

A report is an account of a situation, event, project, etc. that provides information to interested and invested parties. In the business setting, reports are often circulated to keep higher ups informed as to how ongoing projects are proceeding or to deliver to a public (the general public, a company’s clients, etc.) results of a completed project. Imagine that you have successfully been hired into the job you applied for with your materials from Portfolio 1. You have been assigned to represent your department on the the ethics committee and tasked to research one area of business ethics (the topic you are also working from for your group meeting agendas and minutes) for the purposes of developing a company policy and revision to the company’s ethics statement related to that issue (which you’ll pitch in your next project, a two-part memo series). In this report, you’ll relay what you’ve learned thus far about your issue and make recommendations for future actions. It is, primarily, an informational document, but remember that information (and how it’s conveyed) can be very persuasive! Your task is to convince your reader, through the information you provide and how you display it, that this issue is important for your company/organization to address.