Line-up: The assembling of a number of persons in a line, e.g. for inspection or identification; an instance of bringing into a line; a list of players in a game, orchestra, etc.; the players on such a list. Also of things. Also fig.

Sadly our Phoebe reading next Thursday during Fall for the Book has fallen prey to the busy lives our esteemed alums lead, and the original concept (the three previous poetry editors of Phoebe plus a contributor from the current Phoebe and a contributor from the upcoming issue) has changed slightly… that said, I am pleased to announce the new LINE-UP:

Wade Fletcher – former Poetry Editor

Emily Viggiano – current Editor

Nancy Naomi Carlson – Finalist and honorable mention, Greg Grummer prize (judged by Bin Ramke)

Theodora Danylevich – work forthcoming, Spring 2010

So the new line-up, it would seem, represents both poets currently involved, and poets recently involved, in Phoebe.

I hope you can join us, Thursday, September 24th. See details at Fall For The Book


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