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While I fail miserably at blogging due to insane schedules, spring breaks, travels, and especially due to exhibit prep and installation (see photobucket shots of Simultaneous Contrast and others in the DIS/ARMING DOMESTICITY exhibit up in Wallingford, PA until April 23rd, see also the facebook page)… there is a lot going on out there, namely by some friends of mine. Here’s the list of awesomeness:


Cheryl’s Gone – THURSDAY, March 18th featuring Susan Tichy, Sergio Waisman, and Will Schutt

Joe Hall‘s first book of poems Pigafetta Is My Wife on pre-order from Black Ocean

Recently Released:

Danika Stegeman and Joe Hall featured in the recent Noo

At present:

Emily Viggiano has an excerpted Trajectory up on the recent DIAGRAM 10.1

Nancy Naomi Carlson, honorable mention in last year’s Greg Grummer contest at Phoebe, has her latest, a book of translations called Stone Lyre: Poems of René Char out from Tupelo Press

If I’ve succeeded in getting you to these wonderful poets, than this post has succeeded. Back the usual musings soon (I hope!)

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