Association (n): A body of persons who have combined to execute a common purpose or advance a common cause

This year’s AWP in Denver was productive and fun and sleepless and mile high. Highlights include: Ahsahta Press reading off-site at the Magnolia ballroom–especially Ben Doller (new faculty at Mason, we’re excited to have him), Dan Beachy-Quick (always), and Rusty Morrison; Ahsahta reading on-site with Susan Tichy, Sandra Doller, Julie Car, Kate Greenstreet and Rachel Loden; some panels about the MFA and academia that made me feel simultaneously excited to shoot for a PhD and incredibly frightened; Etruscan Press Reading–esp Jennifer Atkinson and Bruce Bond; Orbiting Salt reading with Ryan Call (miss his face) and Blake Butler; off-site randomness with the Typewriter Girls (not that they were good, but the randomness and the company and the escape with too many people in the back-seat of a cab was fun); Joe Hall signing my copy of Pigafetta is My Wife in silver sharpie; hang time with Mason alums and making new friends; talking to authors and editors I like; off-site Denver Quarterly reading with Dan Beachy-Quick, Brian Teare, Cole Swensen and others; HTML Giant festivities (despite the long and blister-inducing walk… I’m dumb); meeting Phoebe contributors; spending too much money on beautiful books (though some I received in trade for Phoebe or was gifted).

Here’s the literary lot:

* Pigafetta is My Wife – Joe Hall (Black Ocean)
* Oh – Cole Swensen (Apogee)
* Bluets – Maggie Nelson (Wave Books)
* Little White Shadow – Mary Ruefle (Wave Books)
* Stone Lyre – Nancy Naomi Carlson’s translations of Rene Char (Tupelo)
* Undersleep – Julie Doxsee (Black Ocean)
* Objects for a Fog Death – Julie Doxsee (Black Ocean)
* New Exercises – Franck Andre Jamme transl. by Charles Borkhuis (Wave Books)


* DIAGRAM’s 10th Anniversary deck of cards

* Ecopoetics no. 6/7

* NO Colony

* Bat City Review

* Salt Hill

* Fact-Simile

* Nano Fiction (x2)

* Bust Down the Door & Eat All the Chickens #9

* Ninth Letter

Beautiful chapbooks:

* Arbor – Melissa Ginsberg (New Michigan)
* Mistranslating Neruda – Matt Mason (New Michigan)
* Our Aperture – Ander Monson (New Michigan)
* mid winter – Matt Reeck (Fact-Simile)
* Point of Intersection – Joseph Cooper (Fact-Simile)

* A snazzy Smartish Pace duct tape wallet (gifted to me in trade for Phoebe, and I am so happy)

Oh dear lord there’s a lot to link in here and it’s 2:30am… I hope I actually get to do that. For now there’s always Google.


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