Festival (n): A time of festive celebration, a festal day. Also occasionally, a festive celebration, merry-making.

I love associating terms like “merry-making” to book festivals!

When I first moved to  Chestertown I was impressed by the vibrant literary community fostered both by the college and the local community — it’s incredible to me that a town with only around 5,000 residents has a book festival to call its own. The 2nd annual Chestertown Book Festival is this upcoming weekend, Oct 8th and 9th, in and around town in your expected book-ish spots.

There we will have much “merry-making” and book loving and listening… not to mention the Kent County Library book sale (exciting!). Check out the official blog for featured items and the schedule for a full list of events.

C-Town locals, see you there.


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